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Dr. Sean McNally performs a full variety of surgical facial treatments in Portland, OR. One of the most commonly requested procedures at The Oregon Clinic is the facelift. This surgery focuses on distinct regions of the face to treat lax skin and wrinkles to produce a refreshed, firmer appearance. A facelift can focus on the eyes, the cheeks and mid-face, the bottom portion (including the jowls, mouth, and neck), and more, making it a versatile surgery for an all-over younger look. There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a facelift technique, including the condition of your skin, your age, lifestyle, and your own aesthetic desires, among other things. Dr. McNally is a skilled surgeon who has a complete understanding of the complexity and delicate anatomy required for facelift surgery. The overall goal is to produce a natural appearance that's gorgeous, subtle, and still striking.

A customized facelift procedure done at The Oregon Clinic in Portland, OR is an ideal surgical solution for individuals who deal with wrinkles and fine lines and are wanting to improve the appearance of their skin. Cosmetic and practical benefits of this procedure performed by Dr. McNally are:

  • Improving noticeable age signs
  • Refining total facial contours
  • Improving drooping cheeks and double chins
  • Tightening loose, sagging skin
  • Efficient at diminishing the appearance of moderate to severe lines and folds
  • Diminishing the visibility of lines and folds around your eyes and lips
  • Replenishing lost fullness around the mid-face and beneath the eyes
  • Marginal scarring that can be smoothly covered
  • Good for women and men alike
  • Outcomes are long-lasting

Am I A Candidate for A Facelift?

Most individuals interested in a surgical facelift wish to address noticeable drooping in the cheek, under eye, and jaw sections of the face. A facelift can address various areas, depending on your personal desired outcome. It is important to note that age won't always define the appropriate time to have a facelift. There are several individual aspects, as well as many lift types, to take into account. The method performed will be different for those under 50 and those over 60. Skin laxity is one of the primary components in the planning process. Also, facelift candidates must be in good overall health, refrain from smoking, and maintain reasonable outcome expectations.

There are several possible facelift options Dr. McNally might recommend based on your desired results. Some facelifts rejuvenate the upper area of the face while others focus on the middle and lower portions. In addition, some procedures are slightly more invasive than others. Many of our patients at The Oregon Clinic will also complement their facelift with a brow lift or fillers and BOTOX® to enhance their outcomes. Some of the more known facelift methods offered to patients in Portland, OR include:

  • Full Facelift
    Considered the gold standard, the full (or "traditional") facelift most often puts an incision near the hairline, then extends down to the area near the temples, reaching the base of the ears. The underlying facial muscles are carefully stretched and safely tightened to produce a lifted outcome, which reduces excessive loose skin and droopy features. The traditional facelift is reserved for patients who show signs of aggressive aging. During a full facelift, several treatments may be used, including upper or lower blepharoplasty to enhance the eyes or a neck lift for the lower region.
  • Mid-Facelift
    With a similar method to the mini facelift below, the surgery known as a mid-facelift addresses the droopy features near the cheekbones and the upper jaw. The mid-facelift works well for those who hope to attain improvement in the middle to lower region of the face, which also improves the look of the jowls.
  • Lower Facelift
    This particular facelift corrects the neck region, chin, and in many cases, the jowls. Nonsurgical methods, such as laser skin tightening or KYBELLA®, can also be used for chin reduction to attain a softer, tighter neck.
  • Mini Facelift
    When undergoing a mini facelift, a tiny incision is made around the ears to lift the skin to a higher position, which helps the mid to lower face. This method creates nice and subtle enhancements that look beautiful and natural.

Dr. McNally did a scar revision for breast cancer surgery that I had over five years ago and I am so pleased! I wish I had done it sooner. I am blown away by his skill (I look as good as new)! My experience was perfect from start to finish. Five stars!!

B.H. Google

I chose Dr. McNally after diligent research and interviewing multiple surgeons to perform several procedures including abdominoplasty and liposuction. Ultimately, I chose Dr. McNally for his bedside manner, credentials, professionalism, confidence and skill. It’s difficult to find a plastic surgeon who is skilled at multiple procedures that are cosmetic and medically necessary, who go to bat for their patients with insurance companies…That speaks to Dr. McNally’s true character. Dr. McNally takes time answer any questions and really listens. He has greatly exceeded any expectations for pre op/post op care and results on my body contour. I’m still in shock with how my body looks and feels and look forward to enjoying living in comfort with style. Major surgery can be a scary process, but every step of the way, I felt cared for and comfortable knowing that Dr. McNally would deliver the best results with the latest technology and skill. If you’re looking for a surgeon with empathy, confidence and ability to deliver results, look no further. Thank you, Dr. McNally! ~M

Anonymous RateMDs

Dr. McNally was great; friendly, good bedside manner, and good surgeon. Happy with the results.

M.H. Google

Dr. McNally changed my whole life for the better! I cannot say enough great things about him. From the very first appointment I had with him I felt completely comfortable and knew I made the right choice having him be my surgeon. He actively listened to any concerns I had and informed me on what to expect pre and post surgery. The procedure with him went smoothly with no complications. He put my mind at ease during my healing process and my incision lines are practically invisible! So thank you Dr. McNally!!! You have no idea the impact you made on my life! Highly highly recommend! (Top surgery procedure)

L.V. Google

I just explanted with Dr. McNally. I really wanted to have an en bloc capsulectomy done and it was really important to me to have the right surgeon to do this. Although Dr. McNally could not guarantee he could do this and would only do this if this did not put me at risk, which I greatly appreciated that he was successful in doing the en bloc capsulectomy along with a lift. I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend Dr. McNally. He is very skilled and caring.

J. Google


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A facelift treatment is a great way to slow the effects of aging on your face, leaving you with a reinvigorated look. With a number of available techniques to choose from to meet your unique needs, it is possible to achieve a younger — but still natural-looking — appearance. To hear more about this treatment, we welcome you to contact The Oregon Clinic in Portland, OR to set up your appointment with Dr. McNally.

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How much does a facelift cost?

The cost of your facelift will depend on the technique and other factors. In your consultation, Dr. McNally will develop your custom treatment plan to match your needs and goals. Once this is established, he can discuss cost estimates. To avoid results that look unnatural, it's better to focus on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. McNally, instead of the lowest price. The Oregon Clinic can help you find low-interest medical financing that will make your facelift easier to afford.

Which technique is best for me?

The best surgical facelift technique for you will vary based on your concerns, goals, level of skin laxity, what areas are being addressed, and other factors. To produce your best results, Dr. McNally will explain the different techniques in your consultation. He can then help you choose which technique is best.

Will my results look natural?

Some patients worry that facelift surgery will make their skin look too tight, shiny, or like they live in a wind tunnel. Dr. McNally focuses on giving you a natural-looking result, so you look refreshed, not fake. He listens to your needs and goals before creating your personal treatment plan with the technique that will produce your best outcomes.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.