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Known by many names, breast augmentation surgery is an extremely popular procedure that reshapes the breasts to create a rounder, fuller appearance. It is also very common for patients to pair breast augmentation with other procedures (like a breast lift) or to include this surgery as part of a larger cosmetic treatment (like a mommy makeover). With the help of implants or a fat transfer, this aesthetic treatment improves breast shape, size, and symmetry, resulting in an attractive and youthful outcome. Portland, OR plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNally is experienced in implementing this procedure and performs numerous breast augmentations year-round. When you have your consultation at The Oregon Clinic, Dr. McNally will listen to your aesthetic desires and concerns and provide you with all of the choices available, developing a custom surgical plan to exceed your personal goals.

For patients who are wanting to enlarge the size of their breasts and customize their overall aesthetic, breast augmentations in Portland, OR at The Oregon Clinic yield an array of wonderful benefits, including:

  • Emphasizes breast size and fullness
  • Assists with restoring breasts changed by breast feeding, aging, or drastic weight loss
  • Eliminates asymmetrical breast shape
  • Rebuilds breasts after a mastectomy
  • Increases confidence and view of self
  • Lets you to wear a wider range of clothing
  • Gives you noticeable, longitudinal results

The decision to go through with breast enhancement surgery is personal. If you are contemplating this surgery, it is important you do it for yourself and nobody else. You should be healthy and at a normal weight with breasts that are fully developed, and be the proper age to get implants. If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your breasts because they seem deflated, you may benefit from this cosmetic breast treatment. In addition, if your breasts have been affected by age, pregnancy, or weight loss, this cosmetic treatment can give them life with increased shape and fullness. It is also a good option if you lift weights or have an overall lack of natural breast tissue.

Breast augmentation is usually performed using a silicone or saline implant that is inserted through an incision made at the edge of the areola (periareolar) or in the fold of skin under the breast (inframammary). The implant may be placed either on top of the pectoral muscle covering the breast tissue (subglandular) or underneath it (submuscular). For patients who have weak or thin breast tissue or those who have experienced issues with past cosmetic breast procedures, we proudly offer breast augmentation with GalaFLEX, an absorbable surgical mesh designed to provide more support and stability for the breasts to help keep implants securely in place. Regardless of incision type, scarring is usually rare. Before settling on an incision type and implant location, Dr. McNally will work with you to better understand your body type, lifestyle habits, and aesthetic goals.

I just had my 6 week post-op for my breast augmentation surgery. From my very first correspondence with Dr. McNally inquiring about possible surgery, he has been nothing but thorough and professional. A huge thing for me is not feeling afraid to ask questions, this is my body, clarity and honesty are very important. He’s understood this from day one and it shows. Being a Black transgender woman, I never felt insecure or ignored by him or his staff. They’ve also handled the pandemic very well. With great energy through email and appointments, the procedure itself went off without a hitch as well. Him and his team took SUCH good care of me. Organic interactions, patience, peace of mind, and genuine care were consistent throughout. The surgery was done without rush and they made sure to keep my requests/concerns in mind. Execution was top notch and healing has been stellar. I feel at peace knowing that deciding on Dr. McNally was a good choice. I highly recommend him.

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I had a breast augmentation and a mastopexy at TOC I had such an amazing experience! my surgeon Dr. McNally was absolutely incredible!!!! He is very informative, made me feel very comfortable! He went above and beyond for me to give me what I was wanting. He listened he cared he was realistic with my expectations. I am beyond happy with my results! He did a wonderful job! I literally cried out of pure happiness seeing my new breasts for the first time. All the staff at TOC was super friendly and professional. I am very satisfied with my overall experience and would 100% recommend Dr. McNally to anyone looking for a great surgeon!

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There is a reason why breast augmentation is one of the most famed aesthetic surgeries in the world — it's a safe, effective, and customizable treatment that makes it possible for patients to attain the figure they've always wanted. In addition, The Oregon Clinic uses a rapid-recovery breast augmentation protocol, ensuring a quicker recovery time, regardless of which procedure was used. Whether you are interested in breast augmentation alone or wish to complement other cosmetic treatments, it all starts with a consultation at our office. To get started developing your personalized breast augmentation plan in Portland, OR, reach out to Dr. McNally at The Oregon Clinic.

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Is breast augmentation safe?

Yes, breast augmentation is considered safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. McNally. To minimize risks and ensure the best outcomes possible, it is important to follow pre and postoperative instructions closely. We will discuss the possible risks and side effects associated with breast augmentation in detail during your consultation.

Can I get a breast lift as part of my breast augmentation?

Yes, you can opt to have both procedures done at the same time. We offer several different types of breast lifts that can be combined with your augmentation surgery to provide more dramatic results. Our Portland, OR team will recommend the best type of lift for your needs and desired results.

Do results from breast augmentation look natural?

The Oregon Clinic strives to deliver natural-looking outcomes with every cosmetic procedure. Dr. McNally is highly skilled in the art of breast augmentation, ensuring your breasts will look and feel as close to their natural counterparts as possible. We can customize implant sizes, shapes, and textures based on your aesthetic desires for a more tailored results.

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