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What Is A Breast Lift?

It's normal for your breasts to droop or lose their shape throughout your life, whether it's a result of breastfeeding, weight loss, aging, or the natural effect of gravity. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) helps turn back the clock by reducing excess skin, firming up the surrounding tissue, and generally contouring the breasts to have a more youthful, perkier appearance. This surgery is well-known for producing outstanding results. At The Oregon Clinic, Dr. Sean McNally has performed numerous breast lift surgeries to help patients struggling with their appearance. Call our practice in Portland, OR to discover why so many patients describe the breast lift as "life-changing."

What Are The Benefits?

There are a few events that can cause the breasts to lose bounciness or droop, whether from the natural aging process, nursing, or dramatic weight changes. A breast lift in Portland, OR at The Oregon Clinic can help restore an increasingly perky breast look with a wide variety of benefits to rejuvenate and enhance your feel, such as:

  • Reduces breast limpness and drooping
  • Enhances the form and attractiveness of breasts
  • Provides the breasts with a perkier look
  • Improves nipple projection
  • Addresses breast asymmetry (when one breast is different than the other)
  • Gives a raised, perkier, younger feel to the breasts
  • Minimizes the size of the areolas for a tidier, improved aesthetic
  • Decreases chafing under the breasts

Am I A Good Candidate for A Breast Lift?

You may come to The Oregon Clinic believing you are a candidate for breast augmentation, but after a physical exam, you may discover that breast lift surgery is what you really need. The reason is due to the amount of sagging that is shown. Breasts that point downward usually need a lift to reduce skin irregularities and bring the breasts to a higher position. If you have nipples that droop downward and your breasts look elongated, a breast lift can improve their appearance. If you are considering a breast lift, you need to be physically healthy and at a good weight.

What Does A Breast Lift Entail?

Breast lift surgery is performed using general anesthesia and takes, on average, 2 – 4 hours. The exact timeframe needed for your treatment will depend on the position of the breasts and areolas, as well as the technique used for the breast lift. To start, an incision will be made around the areola (periareolar pattern), down to the fold underneath the breast (vertical or "lollipop" pattern), or in a full anchor shape around the areola, down to the underside of the breast, and along the fold underneath (Wise pattern). Dr. McNally will then remove excess skin and fat, tightening up the remaining skin to create an uplifted, perky appearance. Your areola and nipple will also be moved up on the breast to look more natural. Other procedures (including breast augmentation or reduction) may also be done at this time if they were discussed previously.

For patients in Portland, OR with stretched or damaged breast tissues, The Oregon Clinic proudly offers GalaFLEX, an FDA-approved mesh that integrates into the body's natural tissues to create an internal "bra" in a technique popularized by Dr. Bob Basu. This innovative technique is capable of achieving incredible, long-lasting results.

At The Oregon Clinic, we can carry out a number of related procedures at the same time as your breast lift, including liposuction and augmentation with implants, to round out your results and enhance your natural beauty.

What Should I Expect After A Breast Lift?

The recovery for any type of breast lift is more extensive than a breast augmentation. After surgery, you will be fitted with a support bra to reduce swelling. A small tube will also be placed near the surgical area to assist with excess drainage that can often occur after mastopexy treatment. After surgery, the swelling will diminish within about a week. Dr. McNally or a member of his team will provide in-depth, home treatment care instructions to assist your healing process. Aesthetic results after a surgical breast lift begin to take shape after several months as the breasts take their higher placement on your bustline. Your breasts will feel and appear more natural, and you will feel younger and healthier.

I had a “mommy makeover” done last week by Dr. McNally- breast lift, augmentation, diastasis repair, tummy tuck and liposuction. If you are looking for someone well versed in the mommy makeover transformation, then he is your surgeon. He exceeded all of my expectations. He was absolutely incredible in all aspects of care- professionalism, bedside manner and his surgical skills. My results one week out are already amazing. I cannot recommend him enough. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, check out Dr. McNally. He is hands down the best!!! You will not be disappointed.

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I had a breast augmentation and a mastopexy at TOC I had such an amazing experience! my surgeon Dr. McNally was absolutely incredible!!!! He is very informative, made me feel very comfortable! He went above and beyond for me to give me what I was wanting. He listened he cared he was realistic with my expectations. I am beyond happy with my results! He did a wonderful job! I literally cried out of pure happiness seeing my new breasts for the first time. All the staff at TOC was super friendly and professional. I am very satisfied with my overall experience and would 100% recommend Dr. McNally to anyone looking for a great surgeon!

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Restore Lift to Your Breasts

In Portland, OR and all over the world, breast lift surgery transforms lives. If you suffer from sagging breasts that interfere with everyday activities or prevent you from wearing the clothing styles you desire, a mastopexy at The Oregon Clinic may be the right surgery for you. Dr. McNally will work with you in your first consultation to establish a clear plan that addresses your areas of concern to help you attain your aesthetic goals. Together, we will construct a tailored surgical plan to help transform your breasts. We invite you to contact The Oregon Clinic and learn more about how to begin your cosmetic surgery journey.

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How much does a breast lift cost?

During your initial consultation, Dr. McNally will listen to your wants and aesthetic goals before creating your unique treatment plan. Following that, he can better estimate your costs. When done well, a breast lift can significantly improve your physical appearance, so it is important to concentrate on having an experienced surgeon with extensive training, like Dr. McNally, over costs. To help make cosmetic surgery easier to afford, The Oregon Clinic can help you find low-interest financing.

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants?

Whether you should get a breast lift, an augmentation with implants, or both depends on your special concerns. In many patients, a breast lift will enhance the form and fullness of your breasts with no need for implants. Dr. McNally will assess your physical condition and listen to your goals at your consultation, then decide whether you would benefit from implants, a lift, or an augmentation with a lift.

Will my nipples be moved?

Typically, the nipple-areola complex will be shifted up in the breast lift. If your areolas are overly large or stretched, Dr. McNally can include an areola reduction during your surgery. This may be discussed during your appointment so he can choose the ideal incision pattern and technique to use during your breast lift.

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