Can a Facelift Address Both Sagging Skin and Wrinkles?

By: R. Sean McNally, M.D.


For most people, the aging process results in a number of unwanted changes to the face rather than a single concern. Lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and drooping features are among the most common signs of facial aging that men and women hope to correct with cosmetic surgery. In many cases, a surgical facelift offers the exciting opportunity to address the majority – if not all – of a patient's age-related facial concerns in a single setting. At The Oregon Clinic in Portland, OR, leading board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNally is highly experienced in the complex techniques required to produce beautiful, natural-looking outcomes with facelift surgery. Read on to find answers to many of the most common facelift questions, including how a facelift can be used to tighten sagging skin, smooth out wrinkles, and more!

What can a facelift achieve?

Each facelift surgery can be fully customized to include elements that specifically address the individual patient’s unique set of concerns and goals. Some of the primary signs and symptoms of facial aging that can be minimized or even reversed with a Portland, OR facelift include:

  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Deep facial folds and creases
  • Loose skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Heavy brow
  • Hooded eyes
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Drooping jowls
  • Double chin
  • Lumpy jawline
  • Downturned mouth
  • Tired appearance
  • Persistently angry look

What kind of facelift do I need?

While the above concerns can all be addressed with facial rejuvenation surgery, there are various procedures available – each of which is designed for a unique purpose. In many cases, several techniques are performed in conjunction with one another during a personalized facial in order to address that specific patient’s concerns. Popular types of facelift and facial enhancement surgery include:

  • Full facelift (traditional facelift)
  • Mid-facelift
  • Lower facelift
  • Mini facelift
  • Brow lift
  • Neck lift
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

To determine which kind of facelift is most suitable for your needs and goals, Dr. McNally will perform a thorough evaluation and assessment of your skin laxity, age-related concerns, overall health, and more before creating a customized facelift plan tailored just for you.

Will my skin look too tight after a facelift?

One of the most frequently asked questions about facelift surgery is whether the face will appear too tight, overworked, or windblown. When performed properly by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, the results of facelift surgery can appear remarkably soft and natural. To prevent a plastic or artificially tight look, Dr. McNally takes great care to reposition the deeper layers of tissue, trim away excess skin, and re-drape the skin naturally over the newly contoured facial features – avoiding pulling or stretching the skin.

Am I ready for facelift surgery?

Another popular question from patients considering facelift surgery in Portland, OR is whether they may be too young – or too old – for a facelift. Generally speaking, patients of almost any age can benefit from some form of facial rejuvenation surgery, but the recommended procedure may vary based on the patient’s age and degree of facial aging and skin laxity. For example, patients in their 30s and 40s may be good candidates for a mini facelift or another less extensive procedure, while patients over 60 are typically best suited for a full facelift. Again, Dr. McNally will perform a thorough consultation and evaluation to help determine which type of facial surgery can best help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

Regain a more youthful look you can show off confidently with facelift surgery in Portland, OR

Whether you are just starting to notice wrinkles and other signs of aging or have already developed visibly sagging skin and droopy features, facial rejuvenation surgery can help to restore and even slow the progression of your age-related concerns. To find out whether facelift surgery is right for you – and which type of facelift may be the answer you’ve been searching for to restore a younger look – call The Oregon Clinic to schedule your facelift consultation in Portland, OR, with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNally today.

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